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Slendrina! - 1Sinn

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30 Sec
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You can't lie to me, I know you see Our bodies when you go to sleep and dream The competition don't mean nothing to me (Hey, hey, hey, hey) You complete Every thought I've ever wondered, you believe Every touch from you feedin' my dopamine Get out the bed, we gotta air out the sheets (Hey, hey, hey, hey) Climb inside Of the treehouse in my mind Take a ride Magic School bus takin' flight Climb inside Of the treehouse in my mind There you'll find, yeah Anything you've ever wanted from anybody as far as you can see Anything you've ever wanted from anybody as far as you can see The Monopoly Man down in Candyland wants to meet us And the people in town hear the rumors all the time But none of that matters when I got you, girl, I can feel it 'Cause you've settled into permanent residence in my mind So let's go! Baby we can go to any place, any place Hop inside the bus, and we off to the race, to the race Love lookin' at your face, lemme get a taste, never hit the brakes Love is all we need in this world anyways So if I ain't got us then I'm headin' off to space, off to space And I'm finna take one last look at the Earth with a wave when I'm flyin' away You make me feel like a kid again No responsibilities, only confidence You make me feel like a kid again Come and follow me into Come and follow me into Climb inside Of the treehouse in my mind Take a ride Magic School bus takin' flight Climb inside Of the treehouse in my mind There you'll find, yeah Anything you've ever wanted from anybody as far as you can see
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Ayy, ayy This real talk turn shit, swear to God We just gon' call this shit drip, you know I'm sayin'? Ayy, ayy Little bitch, you ridin' niggas' dick like a bitch, damn Little bitch, you ridin' niggas' dick like a bitch I got, six brand new foreigns on my wrist I got six Forgiatos on my fist I got fifty foreign hoes on my dick I'ma nut in all 'em hoes, let's have some chicks Nigga tried to hit a lick and missed Tried to run then I caught him like a fish I'ma catch his ass with the whole clip I'ma beat they ass up like Ron Artest Pussy nigga ran like a Miss I got your bitch up underwater tryna kiss I'ma gon' and shit and take a piss We done fucked her legs and fucked her face I'm sellin' purple rain, RIP to Prince When I was behind the fence they treated me like a prince So much jewelry on, her pussy gettin' tense 1017's the ones you don't wanna diss And you can never be like 'Wop you little snitch You make me mad, I have a threesome with your bitch I'm from Custer East Atlanta, yeah the 6 I make one brick turn to two, I know a trick Don't walk and limp my chopper is my walkin' stick Cash out on the whip I don't want no rent VVS's hit under G-starr V-necks (yeah-yeah) Chop the top off that Stringray Corvette (yeah) Two bitches with me, they on molly, they on X (yeah) Took my foreign to the club, pulled in a vip Took some ho to the hotel, made 'em strip She sucked me loose I had to give that bitch a tip (yeah-yeah) Everybody smashed that ho, that bitch the realest (yeah-yeah) Everybody got they passport ready to dip, Europe UK 25, 000 dollars on a trip I just-I just found out rats can use they lips (yeah) I got, I got, I got me a thirty round clip I got one in the hand, thirty one rounds on my hip (yeah) Aye, okay, Lil Dora said I was born with a skill My lawyer say it's guaranteed when he appeal (yeah) I got a bad bitch wit' me and yeah she strip Shake it, I tip I sip, I dip (it's lit) Grip, I drip I killed, I All I eat is lean no lie and pills (oh my God) Put that, put that in my girl (straight up) Makin' porno videos and takin' stills Turn that, turn that to a film (drip) Yeah anywhere we go (yeah) I bring the snow I fill your nose (straight up) Ether, howdy my mamacita Stay away Lucifer, she sexy in that all white beater (yeah) Dynamite no whine up Have you fly from India, have you fly from China I won't feel you honestly, strap up for these nighters Pew-pew-pew, pew-pew-pew I'm in Vegas spinnin' Thugger with my chips I can't love these bitches, fell in love the rip I was doin' this shit just for my peers I would put inside my blood, my sweat, my tears Do this shit all on my own, don't need no deal Diamonds flawless 'round my neck, gave me a chill Lately I've been flyin' on them Lears Flyin' cross the world, these bitches killin' me Flood her bank account with bands cause she feelin' me Nigga cash on delivery If it's a snake on my clothes then it's double G I don't like police hoes, ain't no cuffin' me All my diamonds dancin' like they Bruce Lee Check out my smile I got some new teeth Pop a molly now I'm in the fuckin' air Cloud nine and I'm smokin' like the fuckin' bear We at the Clearport, you niggas never there I wouldn't even care, lil bitch that's how it is I do it for my fam, 20 racks on gifts Bitch we blowin' gas, roll me up a spliff Now what you think a young nigga grindin' for? I sip it till I sleep, I might overdose She made it out the hood and left that dope bowl Get them bricks from my momma, she got truck loads Fuck you mean you get it from your mammy hoe? Yeah Diamonds all on my chin, diamonds all on my folk Piercin' in my nose, diamond in my nose Giuseppe open toes, diamonds on my toes I just got a family pack of Jimmy Choos, damn I just bought a chopper and I'm ready to use it, damn I got a lot of bitches comin' by the twos I got a lot of bitches, bomin' by the few Big di-diamonds but we call 'em jewels All these racks think I sell dog foods I spend thousand on my fuckin' shoes Pull up in this Ave, it cost the Christian Loubes Nigga watch your mouth, we ain't fuckin' cool Boy you sell the molly, that's a fuckin' fool Take this shit out and shoot

Set Slendrina! ringtone on an Android Phone:

1. Select Download Ringtone button above.
2. Go to Settings app.
3. Select Sounds & Vibration.
4. Select Phone ringtone.
5. Select Ringtone from Internal Storage.
6. Click the Apply button.
So after only a few basic steps, you have successfully done the default ringtone on your phone running Android operating system with the pop songs you want.

Set Slendrina! ringtone for your iPhone:

1. Select Download M4R for iPhone button above and save to your PC or Mac.
2. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac via its charging cable.
3. Launch iTunes and drag the .m4r to the Tones folder (Under "On My Device").
Hopefully, the guides for configuring ringtones for iPhones and Android phones will make it simple for you to replace the uninteresting default sounds on your phone with your own personal favorites.

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