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Sleepy Symphony - Deep Dreamer

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30 Sec
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Great John on the beat, by the way Look Brand new whip, I race it Bad bitch wit' me, no basic, huh Still keep chops, got cases, huh I can't let a nigga take me out Watch how I run up a check, huh I bet they love me to death, woah Watch how I run up a check, huh I bet they love me to death, woah Ooh, pop Perkies, not Xans, huh Glock up on my hip, I bet this chopper make 'em dance, ayy Hol' on, huh, these Versaces, not Vans Lil' bitch gon' make it shake, she say, "It's jelly, not jam" Oh, woah, she wanna keep me alone, huh She wanna get in my zone She don't know I know she fuckin' the bros She out in Miami, she drivin' the boat, huh You can't say I ever fold, huh, you can't say I ever told Ride wit' my niggas, put that on my soul Push to start my car, huh, Moncler kept me warm Bro got chops the size your arms Two gun charges on my dome, huh Pray my lawyer keep me home, huh This your shawty favorite song, huh She gon' lick it when you gone, huh (She gon' lick it when you gone, huh) Ocean on my neck, I'm drownin' shit, huh Benny just drowned the wrist And I got up 'cause I was down and shit, huh Ain't have a pot to piss But they gon' act like they don't know, huh They gon' miss me when I'm gone, huh They gon' miss me when I'm gone, huh (They gon' miss me when I'm gone, huh) Look, trap got lit, look, and we used to sleep in that shit Money make her do a thousand tricks And I get money so she wildin' shit, up I bet they proud of the kid, huh, wanna be down with the kid Flex on niggas hate on a kid, sex, your bitch wanna rape on the kid I bet they love me, I bet they love me now, uh When shit got ugly, ain't no one help me out, uh I bet they love me, I bet they love me now, uh When shit got ugly, ain't no one help me out Trappin' out the same sweater, uh You know Sleepy do it better, uh You know he a big stepper, uh Ride with choppers, that's forever, uh Momma said you gotta change, like So I left and made a change, right Got the gang right
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Set Sleepy Symphony ringtone on an Android Phone:

1. Select Download Ringtone button above.
2. Go to Settings app.
3. Select Sounds & Vibration.
4. Select Phone ringtone.
5. Select Ringtone from Internal Storage.
6. Click the Apply button.
So after only a few basic steps, you have successfully done the default ringtone on your phone running Android operating system with the pop songs you want.

Set Sleepy Symphony ringtone for your iPhone:

1. Select Download M4R for iPhone button above and save to your PC or Mac.
2. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac via its charging cable.
3. Launch iTunes and drag the .m4r to the Tones folder (Under "On My Device").
Hopefully, the guides for configuring ringtones for iPhones and Android phones will make it simple for you to replace the uninteresting default sounds on your phone with your own personal favorites.

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