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Published on: Mar 13, 2024
Latest version: 1.3.6
Size: 16.3 MB

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Browse and listen latest popular song ringtones

Personalize your Android device with millions of free pop song ringtones! Take your pick from a massive collection of music, effects and funny tones. With which could possibly be the largest selection of free ringtones in the world, the possibilities are aplenty! Search for Anything - It’s on 1Ringtone.



Set a Custom Ringtone on your phone

Customize your ringtone experience with the ability to set unique ringtones for specific contacts. Give your loved ones the VIP treatment by assigning them cool ringtones. Plus, enjoy the option of setting a default ringtone of your choice. It also have the option to set an alert and alarm sound.



Funny videos set as your ringtone

Video Ringtone for Incoming Call can be customized by 1Ringtone in Android devices. Search free video ringtone Ringtones on 1Ringtone and personalize your phone to suit you. You can also create and make your own video ringtone with ease. There is also option for Enable/Disable the video ringtone function.



The searches are precise and faster

Looking for the perfect ringtone to match a specific artist or song? No worries! Simply take advantage of our free keyword search feature, and voila! You’ll most likely find precisely what you’re looking for amidst our vast collection of sounds. No need to look for more ringtone apps.



Take control of your own data

Find out what is popular in your country with top charts. Add a sound or video to favorites without downloading. Access your ringtones and vidoes across all your devices with one simple login. Share ringtones with friends through soical media. We works hard to protect your data and privacy online.



1Ringtone APP


I love the 1Ringtone app! There is such a great variety of all styles of music and audio clips from all sources. I really thankful to this app.

Keya Brown

I love it! So many cool ringtones and I can usually find what I'm looking for. The video ringtones are really cool. All in all I adore this app.

Jenny Lowry

Great freaking app seriously. 1Ringtone is a good app there are so many ringtones we can download easily. I recommend this app.

Kiran Koppera

It has many good ringtones and notification sounds! It has plenty of options and they're mainly good. All I can say, it's a great app, and a fun app.


100 best songs for ringtone 2023:

1."Bandida (feat. Mc Vidal)" 2."Na Onda do Licor" 3."Dreamin'" 4."Usb Sound Beat" 5."Treme Terra Eu Te Taco e Sumo" 6."Larissa" 7."Mega Automotivo Paredão Furioso" 8."The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)" 9."Curaj" 10."Extra extra extra" 11."Cypher (feat. Costa Gold & Funkero)" 12."Félix" 13."E Kagen☆Yui Kagen (Karaoke)" 14."暮色餘暉" 15."ближе" 16."Bye-bye," 17."Desce Jumentona, Quica Jumentona (feat. MC Mestrão)" 18."Playa" 19."Acid" 20."S.O.B (Stand On Business)" 21."Na Tua Glockada" 22."Arigatô" 23."Silence" 24."Jorginho na Trave Transmissao" 25."Sukhi Evvado - Kaanada - Adi" 26."Full Round Table" 27."Domingueira" 28."Agni Kai" 29."When We’re Older" 30."Premacha Bolbala" 31."Passei Batido" 32."Dose Dupla - Ao Vivo" 33."Onde Está Esse Amor (Acústico)" 34."Shien (feat. Eye)" 35."Oi - THIAGUINHO E MALA MANS" 36."Anh Tin Mình Đã Cho Nhau 1 Kỷ Niệm" 37."Inntil I Dag" 38."Baharı Bekleyen Kumrular Gibi" 39."Hurt" 40."DJ TANIA X DESPACITO X DUMES MENGKANE" 41."Asafa Power" 42."Shake It (feat. King Lil G)" 43."Jaybird" 44."PANIC ATTACK" 45."Dont Like Drugs" 46."Baby Blue Movie" 47."Eudyptula Minor" 48."I Don't Know (Plz Don't Ask Why)" 49."Mystinen nainen" 50."Cuentos, Vol. 1" More ⇢

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